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How to source products by categories of BuildMost

Just as you have known, BuildMost is B2B platform of furnishing and building materials where you can get all the products of the industry. But what are these specific categories of BuildMost? How can I use the category list to source suppliers? How could I contact the suppliers directly? Maybe the following content can do some help.

There are 16 top categories on BuildMost, from “Kitchen & Fixed Installation Closet” to “Building Auxiliary Materials”. But in summary, these could be divided into three main parts: Building Materials, Furniture and Tools.

Building materials

Building materials are the basic products of decoration, those are fixed or installed and can’t move or change easily. It covers Kitchen & Fixed Installation Closet, Sauna & Bathroom, Flooring & Walls, Doors, Windows & Curtains, Stone, Ceiling & Roofing Materials, Lighting, Staircase, Railing & Curtain Walls, Electrical and Building Auxiliary Materials. Here you can get the products like: floors, walls, doors, windows, toilets and the like. Those are the “infrastructure”, making the house be a shelter.


As to furniture, it include: Movable Housing Furniture, Office, Conference, Restaurant Furniture, and Outdoor Living. These are facilities intended to support various daily activities. Such as: chair, table, sofa, bed, wardrobe and so on.


Tools, as the name implied, are instruments to help you do your decorating work. Those can be found in Tools, Paint & Coating and Construction Machinery. These categories include electric drill, axe, trolley and other tools.


Behind those categories, there are more than 130,000 products and over 30,000 supplies. Trace the category of you demand product, you will find different suppliers of this products. Then you can view the detail of the supplies about profile, products and project, which will help you to make a judgment. For the new registered, checking the category list could help you doing your business more efficient and knowing the platform better. Visit the website: and check the categories now.